Listen to the Sound of Music on Your Wireless Doorbell

Yes, that is right. The music revolution has extended even to your doorbell. No longer are you constrained by the typical Ding Dong sound or buzzer sound. You can now put just about anything on as your doorbell greeting. In addition, not only can you record any number of sounds and songs, you can do it in cd quality. Think of the wireless doorbell sounds and possibilities!

Are you are big college football fan? Imagine having your doorbell greeting being your favorite college fight song. Are you big into the holidays? Picture trick or treaters being greeted by a spooky rendition of Halloween sounds and noises or guests during Christmas hearing a rendition of “Joy To The World”. With the current improvements in doorbell technology, you can now make these examples a reality.

This new technology is sure to be a conversation starter which could make you hit within the neighborhood and with family members. The new technology tends to be quite functional as well in that you can readily change the greeting to different songs, sounds and chimes with relatively little effort. All that is needed is to purchase a wireless or wired doorbell unit that allows for these songs. There are a number of options on the market and these systems are relatively inexpensive as you can find these models for roughly $50 to $80.

The only drawbacks tend to be some products are not as good for recording certain songs and some products are harder to install because of poor user guides. Still, these issues can be offset by focusing on the higher end products in this area or reviewing the customer reviews to see which ones rank best.

Also, you may not even have to buy a new unit if you are happy with your current one. Most current models allow you to add on additional chimes and sounds. This would let you add to your current doorbell song repertoire and limit the impact on your home.

Plus, installation of additional chimes is easy to do. It pretty much only requires plugging in or putting in the batteries. That is all that is needed to get you going. After a little testing over which sound you want, you should be good to go for years to come. No crash course in home electronics needed.

All and all, the new sound and song options are a welcome addition to the doorbell. This normally pedestrian sound can now be transformed into an opportunity to entertain family and friends with a simply flick of a switch should not be lost on consumers. Where else can you show off such creativity with such a minimal effort and a relatively low cost?

The Sound of Music

You must have been living in a cave if you have not heard of and probably seen The Sound of Music. Many people will have seen this film many times over such is its timeless quality. The enduring quality of this film is encapsulated in its innocence and charm. Not to fast, not too slow – the film is well balanced and captivating.

The star of the show is Julie Andrews whose voice is beyond compare. Everyday songs such as “Do-Re-Mi,” “Maria,” or “My Favorite Thing” will stay in the mind forever. She is old now of course but will always be linked to this work of cinematic history. Even now DVD prices remain at an abover average price.

A superb film with an equally superb soundtrack and a fantastic plot. Set in Austria with a Nazi undercurrent this film is a long one but one which you’ll watch time and time again. You will whistle the tunes and sing the songs long after you have watched the screenplay.

Maria [Julie Andrews] is a singing nun who comes to look after a motherless group of Austrian children. She helps them, prize themselves away from their strained existence, and brings them to life. At the end she helps them escape from Nazi rule which brings a tear to the eye and a skip to the heart.

The acting by all is superb, including the children. Each character is well developed and unique enough for it to matter. You can easily fall in love with them all – and in the end, I think you do! With heart stopping moments and tension built in throughout the film, this is a “must see” or even a “must see again.”

Lack of Success Can Kill the Sound of Music

So here it is another day “up and at em’! ” Swing the bat! That is one of my favorite expressions. Always fills me with new found hope and desire to continue. Always fills me with more reasons for getting my butt whipped with the coming of a new day. Out with the old and in with the new. Oh, don’t worry. I will come up with a multiple group of cliche expressions that will cover the fact that I am about to embark on yet another day of possible rejection. Another day of that assistant telling me “no” for whatever it is that he/she does not even hold the power to say “yes” for in the end.

That’s OK! For here I go. Getting out of bed, coffee cup in hand. Pop open the email. Anything happening? any opportunities waiting? Well, nothing for now, so here I continue on my daily adventure. Finish coffee, strap on those sneakers and pick the aerobic activity for the day. Running, walking, rebounding, mmmm which to choose? Do I have the energy. Oh come on, you know the energy will come once the body starts moving. Never Stop movin’, my own slogan words repeat in my head like a musical montra, never Stop movin’, never Stop movin’. iPod in hand I search for the playlist that will move me the most. The songs that can lift my spirit and rekindle my voice as I go into my recording studio to create the words that hopefully will motivate others to move.

Here the question. Can lack of success kill the sound of music? Can lack of personal gain kill the ability to get into our own head of escape and self passion long enough to stay entertained and motivate to us to pursue our musical cardio activity. Can we do it long enough to burn those potentially harmful calories from the past few days of eating and drinking. For with disappointment often comes the urge to drink that extra glass of wine, eat that extra bowl of ice cream and stay on that couch longer than you thought physically possible. Waking up in the same position you were in 7 hours ago still with dirty bowl of that lingering ice cream next to you with the sweet taste in your mouth now turned into a sticky lip morning ooze that grosses you out.

Can lack of success kill the sound of music? Can you bare the idea of another day swinging the bat? Sure you can! I do believe that you can! For given another day of opportunity we my forge ahead. This is why I write the songs that motivate people as well as myself to move everyday and in turn this has you helping me hear the music. This is my personal success. This is my goal. Now and forever, hearing the sound of music!

Never Stop Movin’!